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Is It Possible To Run Multiple Agent On Ec2 Machines Started By The Autoscaler? Or Have The One Agent Run Multiple Queue Jobs At Once? E.G. Having The Autoscaler Start 1X P3.8Xlarge (4 Gpu) On Aws Might Be Better Than 4X P3.2Xlarge (1 Gpu) In Terms Of Ava

Hi ScantChimpanzee51

Is it possible to run multiple agent on EC2 machines started by the Autoscaler?

I think that by default you cannot,

having the Autoscaler start 1x p3.8xlarge (4 GPU) on AWS might be better than 4x p3.2xlarge (1 GPU) in terms of availability, but then then we’d need one Agent per GPU.

I think that this multi-GPU setup is only available in the enterprise tier.
That said, the AWS pricing is linear, it costs the same having 2 instances with 1 GPU as 1 instance with 2 GPUs, no?

Posted one year ago
0 Answers
one year ago
one year ago