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Hello. I Have An Issue I Can'T Seem To Debug. Maybe Someone Knows How To Fix It. I Have Two Scripts

@<1523701137134325760:profile|CharmingStarfish14> the explanation is very simple - this is not a bug, but part of how ClearML SDK and Agent work.
When you run a task locally (or create it), everything that you provide is stored on the task metadata in the server.
When such a task is executed remotely by an agent (after you enqueued it), the Task.init() is not ignored, it just does different things - instead of storing all settings to the server, it reads all previously stored settings from the server, and applies them to the task object/setup being run. This is part of the concept allowing you to create tasks from code, and than clone them and change their parameters/settings from the UI (or using API/SDK) before scheduling the cloned tasks for remote execution.
Without this, tasks would be static constructs that always use the same configuration hard-coded in the Task.init() call (or other configurations) and can never be affected externally by the system.

Posted one year ago
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