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Hey There, Since A Bit I Often Find Experiments Being Stuck While Training A Model. It Seems To Happen Randomly And I Could Not Find A Reproducible Scenario So Far, But It Happens Often Enough To Be Annoying (I'D Say 1 Out Of 5 Experiments). The Symptoms

Most likely yes, but I don't see how clearml would have an impact here, I am more inclined to think it would be a pytorch dataloader issue, although I don't see why

These are most certainly dataloader process. But clearml-agent when killing the process should also kill all subprocesses, and it might be there is something going on that prenets it from killing the subprocesses ...

Is this easily reproducible ? Can you verify it is still the case with the latest RC of clearml-agent ?

Posted one year ago
0 Answers
one year ago
one year ago