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Hi, I Deployed A Clearml-Server Using Kind+Helm On A Linux Server For Personal Use. I Am Able To Log Stuff And Even Upload Artifacts And See Them In The Web App, However, I Want To Know Where In The Filesystem Are Those Artefacts Stored? If I Download An

Hi, I deployed a clearml-server using kind+helm on a linux server for personal use. I am able to log stuff and even upload artifacts and see them in the web app, however, I want to know where in the filesystem are those artefacts stored?
If I download an artifact, I get an URL like None , but I am trying to find where exactly on my server is that artifact json file... 🤔
When I created the kind cluster, I set the extraMouts as below:

  - hostPath: /data/clearml-data/
    containerPath: /data

I was expecting that the artifacts would go to /data/clearml-data directory, but that is empty.
Would be great if someone can help me out here, thanks!

Posted one year ago
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Hi @<1537605927430000640:profile|NarrowSquirrel61> , the fileserver data folder (which is where the data is stored) is handled by a Persistent Volume Claim (either one you provided or one automatically created by the chart, see here ). You could probably find out the actual location by describing the PVs in your cluster.

Posted one year ago

Ok, so after a lot of digging, I found that the the extraMounts are actually mounting my local folder to the container, but I thought that setting the containerPath: /data would use that for all PVCs, but instead it stores in /var/local-path-provisioner as in the guide.

Now the next problem is, I set the containerPath:/var/local-path-provisioner , i.e. the default one, but now there are permission issues and the clearml server cannot start.

The docker daemon in my case is rootless and I do not have sudo access, is there a way to pass the user to the node, like we do in Dockerfile by ADDUSER?

Posted one year ago

Phew finally got it working 😓

Posted one year ago
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one year ago
one year ago