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Hi, I Deployed A Clearml-Server Using Kind+Helm On A Linux Server For Personal Use. I Am Able To Log Stuff And Even Upload Artifacts And See Them In The Web App, However, I Want To Know Where In The Filesystem Are Those Artefacts Stored? If I Download An

Ok, so after a lot of digging, I found that the the extraMounts are actually mounting my local folder to the container, but I thought that setting the containerPath: /data would use that for all PVCs, but instead it stores in /var/local-path-provisioner as in the guide.

Now the next problem is, I set the containerPath:/var/local-path-provisioner , i.e. the default one, but now there are permission issues and the clearml server cannot start.

The docker daemon in my case is rootless and I do not have sudo access, is there a way to pass the user to the node, like we do in Dockerfile by ADDUSER?

Posted one year ago
0 Answers
one year ago
one year ago