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Hello, I Have A Self-Hosted Clearml Instance. I Want To Save All Recorded Artifacts & Models On Onedrive Instead Of S3/Gstore/Local. I Have A Rclone Mount Of Onedrive On My Clearml Server, And I’M Running The Linux Docker Container For Clearml. I’Ve Loo

Oh, I see. Well tasks are stored in the mongodb and elasticsearch databases, so unless you can find a way to make them use remote storage on onedrive (I don't think that's possible), it won't be possible.
As for artifacts and models, if you want that the same way the SDK and WebApp do it, this requires adding support for that in the WebApp code and in the SDK code (as these remote object storage functions are client-side, and not provided by the clearml server)

Posted one year ago
0 Answers
one year ago
one year ago