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Hi! What Is The Recommended Way To Automatically Merge Multiple Updates Of A Dataset That Happen Asynchronously?

Hi! What is the recommended way to automatically merge multiple updates of a dataset that happen asynchronously?

Example: Bob and Alice want to update distinct parts of the dataset at the same time. Alice finishes first and merges her changes, then Bob finishes and merges his changes.

What is an automated way to accomplish this? (assuming no conflicting changes)

Posted one year ago
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In order to prevent these kinds of collisions it's always necessary to provide a parent dataset ID at creation time, so it's very clear which dataset and updated one is based on. If multiple of them happen at the same time, they won't know of each other and both use the same dataset as the parent. This will lead to 2 new versions based on the same parent dataset, but not sharing data with each other. If that happens, you could create a 3rd dataset (potentially automatically) that can have both of the new ones as its parents which will essentially merge the 2.

Does that answer your question?

Posted one year ago
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one year ago
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