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Hey All, There Is A Way To Compare All The Experiments In A Project

Hey all,
there is a way to compare all the experiments in a project as a table , and sort them by column?

for example:
| model type | mse | r2 |
Experiment 1 | cnn | 0.8 | 0.7 |
Experiment 2 | lr | 0.75 | .. |
Experiment 3 | nn | ... | .. |
Experiment 4 | ridge | ... | .. |

I'm really promoting Clearml in my company, so I hope this feature is already existed!

Posted one year ago
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Answers 2

Hi @<1523706700006166528:profile|DizzyHippopotamus13> , you can simply do it in the experiments dashboard in table view. You can rearrange columns, add custom columns according to metrics and hyper parameters. And of course you can sort the columns

Posted one year ago

This is perfect! thanks!!
The thing I was missing is the customize table button!

Posted one year ago
2 Answers
one year ago
one year ago