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Hi Everyone!

Hi everyone! ✋ I'm really enjoying ClearML 🎉 Currently I'm finding myself repeating the following a bit too often and as wondering if there is a way for ClearML to remember my preferred settings.

  • I click into an experiment from my experiment list
  • I go to results > scalars to see everything that we reported using the logger
  • I click the eye to hide all the plots, then search for the subset of plots I actually care about and un-hide themWhen I click into a new experiment I have to repeat step 3. every time. Is there any chance we can use cookies to only show me my favorite scalars that I care about? And only show me other things when I search of it? Thank you!
Posted 12 months ago
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Hi @<1544128920209592320:profile|BewilderedLeopard78> , I don't think there is such an option currently. Maybe open a GitHub feature request to track this 🙂

Posted 12 months ago
1 Answer
12 months ago
12 months ago