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Hi. I Use Set_Base_Docker For Remote Execute. Its My Custom Image From Gitlab Registry. And My Question Is How I Can Use Script And Etc From My Image? On My Local Machine I’Ve Got In Docker Container Folder With Code From That Image If I Made It Like From

Hi. I use set_base_docker for remote execute. Its my custom image from gitlab registry. And my question is how I can use script and etc from my image? On my local machine i’ve got in docker container folder with code from that image if i made it like FROM my_custom_image. But if i use set_base_docker i’ve got nothing.

Posted one year ago
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Hi @<1523701457835003904:profile|AbruptHedgehog21> , I'm not sure I understand - How do you use set_base_docker and what do you expect to happen?

Posted one year ago