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Hi, I Configured An On-Prem File Server For Clearml Which Is Mounted On My Pc. I Am Trying Retrieve An Artifact From A Previous Run . Because This File Is Big I Want To Bring It To The Local Cache (On My Pc). However, When I Do The Following Artifact =Tas

HI, i configured an on-prem file server for clearml which is mounted on my pc. I am trying retrieve an artifact from a previous run . because this file is big i want to bring it to the local cache (on my PC). However, when i do the following artifact =task.artifacts[name].get_local_copy() i get a path to the file in the mounted instead of a copy in the managed cache. Any way to force clearml to copy it (similar to how it does it for datasets?

Posted one year ago
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its by design (i think) that if the path is local (startswith("file://")) the storageManager doesn't copy the file to the cache and returns the path to the local storage.

Posted one year ago

Hi @<1546303277010784256:profile|LivelyBadger26> , can you provide a snippet that reproduces this?

Posted one year ago


Posted one year ago

def copy_task_artifact_to_local_cache(project_name=None, task_name=None, task_id=None, artifact_name=None):
    if task_id is not None:
        task = ClearmlTask.get_task(project_name=project_name, task_name=task_name)
        task = ClearmlTask.get_task(task_id=task_id)
    cache_dir = task.cache_dir
    artifact = task.artifacts[artifact_name]
    return artifact.get_local_copy()
Posted one year ago


Posted one year ago
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one year ago
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