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Hi All! I Have Methods Inside Notebooks That I Made Available To Clis Using Nbdev

Hi @<1528908687685455872:profile|MassiveBat21>


no useful


is created for down stream executions - the source code template is all messed up,

Interesting, could you provide the code that is "created", or even better some way to reproduce it ? It sounds like sort of a bug? or maybe a feature support that is missing.

My question is - what is a best practice in this case to be able to run exported scripts (python code not made available thourgh a .py file but through a bash script).

If you are exporting the code manually, then I would use clearml-task to launch it (or create an experiment).

BTW: if in your jupyter notebook you add the Task.init call, it will automatically export it into clearml so you can clone/enqueue it right from the UI, without the need to manually export the notebook

Posted one year ago
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one year ago
one year ago