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Hey Guys! We Are Running Some Of The Workers On Azure Machines., With The Docker Flag I Noticed That Every Run We Are Doing, The Available Memory Gets Fuller And Fuller (And Doesn'T Release), Until Eventually I Have To Manually Delete Some Of The Files I

Hey guys!
We are running some of the workers on azure machines., with the docker flag
I noticed that every run we are doing, the available memory gets fuller and fuller (and doesn't release), until eventually I have to manually delete some of the files
I was wondering what tips you can give me to stop that from happening, and maybe to understand whats the source of it.

Posted 11 months ago
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Hi @<1544853695869489152:profile|NonchalantOx99> , it looks like your cache is filling up. You can control it through the various cache configurations in clearml.conf
Just search for cache over the document and you'll find all the relevant configs 🙂

Posted 11 months ago
1 Answer
11 months ago
11 months ago