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Security Question: In My Journey Of Running Clearml The "Hard Way" (Self-Hosted), One Problem I Haven'T Solved Is Security. Some Discussion Here...

Hi @<1541954607595393024:profile|BattyCrocodile47>

But the files API is still open to the world, right?

No, of course not 🙂 (i.e. API is authenticated with JWT header, this is why you need to generate the secret/key in the UI)
That said, the login process itself is user/pass stored on the server, but other than that the web/api are secured. The file server on the other hand is plain http storage and does not verify the connection like the API does. So if you are going the self-hosted open internet route, I would disable it altogether and use S3/GCP etc.

Posted one year ago
0 Answers
one year ago
one year ago