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Hi Team,In My Dl Project Im Using Lstm But Model Logging Isn'T Happening In Artifacts . Does Clearml Supports Lstm?

Hi Team,In my DL project im using LSTM but model logging isn't happening in artifacts . Does clearML supports LSTM?

Posted 2 months ago
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Answers 5

Currently im using TensorFlow and using LSTM I'm building model but its not logging to clearML.

Posted 2 months ago

Provide a bit more detail. What framework are you using?

Posted 2 months ago

How are you saving the model?

Posted 2 months ago

im just building and training the model. when we are initializing clearML it should auto log this in artifacts section right?

Posted 2 months ago

It hooks into the calls made by the code. If you never save the model to disk, add it to a tool like MLflow/Tensorboard, or manually add the artifact to ClearML, afaik it won't save the artifact.

Posted 2 months ago
5 Answers
2 months ago
one month ago