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Hi All! Quick Question: Can Clearml-Agent

Hi all! Quick question: can clearml-agent build a docker image from a Dockerfile before using it for running a task?

Posted one month ago
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Hi @<1556450111259676672:profile|PlainSeaurchin97> , I think this is what you are looking for:

Posted one month ago

Build a Docker container that when launched executes a specific experiment, or a clone (copy) of that experiment.

From the docs

Posted one month ago

From what i understand, what this does is build a container from an existing task. That's not really what i need

I'll describe my use case, maybe it makes it clearer:
I have a Dockerfile which builds an image with a bunch of system dependencies i need for training.

I want clearml-agent to use this image, but run docker build whenever necessary, this way I don't need to keep updating the base image which I want my tasks to be run with

Posted one month ago

So you have two options

  • Build the container from your docker file and push it to your container registry. Notice that if you built it on the machine with the agent, that machine can use it as Tasks base cintainer
  • Use the From container as the Tasks base container and have the rest as docker startup bash script. Wdyt?
Posted one month ago

  • Not sure about pushing our container to a public registry. But follow-up question: how do I configure secrets (like container registry credentials) for a clearml-agent to use for a task?
  • Is it possible to do this on a task-by-task basis? I thought clearml-agent only installs pip requirements and such, is there a way to configure a setup script for my task environment?
Posted one month ago

Either way, thanks for the support 😀

Posted one month ago