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Hello. I Have A Question Regarding Jupyter Notebook Execution With Clearml Worker. Long Story Short: I Turn A Remote Machine Into Worker With Clearml-Agent. Then I Made A Task With The Local Machine By Executing Notebook Cells, Which Imports A Training M

Hello. I have a question regarding jupyter notebook execution with clearml worker.
Long story short: I turn a remote machine into worker with clearml-agent. Then i made a task with the local machine by executing notebook cells, which imports a training modules, containing clearml task initialization and artefact streaming. This task successfully finished locally. Then i enqueued it and it started to executing on a worker machine. But the i got an error:

`Environment setup completed successfully
Starting Task Execution:
C:\Users\sparkhonyuk\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python310\python.exe: can't open file 'C:\Users\sparkhonyuk\.clearml\venvs-builds\3.10\task_repository\seismic-sr-ernest.git\notebooks\03_train_unet_2D.py':
[Errno 2] No such file or directory

So it turned out, that worker changed the extension of03_train_unet_2D.ipynbon.py, tried to find this file in cloned repository on a worker machine, and output an error, because there is no such file. My question is: how to make clearml worker understand, that it should run.ipynbfile, not.py` script?

Posted one year ago
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Hi @<1555362936292118528:profile|AdventurousElephant3>
I think your issue is that Task supports two types of code,

  • single script/jupyter notebook
  • git repo + git diffIn your example (If I understand correctly) you have a notebook calling another notebook, which means the first notebook will be stored on the Task, but the second notebook (not being part of a repository) will not be stored on the task, and this is why when the agent is running the code it fails to find the second notebook. Could that be the case ?
Posted one year ago

No, my notebook calling python script while training. This script contains task initialization and artifacts reporting. But when the worker starts to run enqueued task, it considers, that 03_train_unet_2D.ipynb has .py extension. And obviously it can’t find it in cloned repository.

Posted one year ago