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What Is The Best Way To Run Jupyter Notebook Tasks On A Remote Machine? When Running The Task Locally And Clone It - It Seems Like It'S Converting It Into A .Py File. But I Want To Run A Notebook Without Being Tied To Running It First Locally. I Tried To

What is the best way to run Jupyter notebook tasks on a remote machine?
When running the task locally and clone it - it seems like it's converting it into a .py file. but I want to run a notebook without being tied to running it first locally.
I tried to run it directly with clearml-task CLI but it failed.

Posted one year ago
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File "examples/notebook.ipynb", line 260, in <module> "execution_count": null, NameError: name 'null' is not defined

Posted one year ago

Hi EnormousCormorant39 , how did it fail?

Posted one year ago