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Hello All, We’Re Trying To Use

Hello all, we’re trying to use report_image to log sample images to ClearML, but output on client is empty:

    image_open = Image.open(os.path.join("prediction", "95c.jpg"))
    logger.report_image("image", "image PIL", image=image_open)

    # force flush reports
    # If flush is not called, reports are flushed in the background every couple of seconds,
    # and at the end of the process execution


Posted 7 months ago
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Answers 9

Yes, artifacts (including both zip and folder) could be uploaded.

This issue is similar to the one on stackoverflow ( None ) and github ( None )

Posted 7 months ago

Hi @<1560798754280312832:profile|AntsyPenguin90>
The image itself is uploaded in a blackground process, flush just triggers the starting of the process.
Could it be that it is showing a few seconds after?

Posted 7 months ago

Hmm there’s something wrong with the setup. I tried with the demo version of ClearML then it works:

Posted 7 months ago

Hmm, might be, check if your files server is running and configured properly

Posted 7 months ago

Is there still an issue? Could it be the browser cannot access the file server directly?

Posted 7 months ago

Interesting, if this is the issue, a simple sleep after reporting should prove it. Wdyt?
BTW are you using the latest package? What's your OS?

Posted 7 months ago

May you elaborate little bit more on this? Right now I'm using the default file server provided by ClearML, ie ipaddress:8081

Posted 7 months ago

Are any files uploaded? Like artifacts etc?

Posted 7 months ago

We can confirm that the image is uploaded to file server successfully:

/data/clearml/data/fileserver/examples/register image.b8bd8c27aaa6416a9b870cdc3878a4f3/metrics/image/image PIL ll
total 12K
-rw-r--r-- 1 london london 12K Apr 25 10:16 'image_image PIL_00000000.jpeg'

For some reasons, the front-end could not grab/display the image

Posted 7 months ago
9 Answers
7 months ago
7 months ago