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Hello All, We’Re Trying To Use

Hello all, we’re trying to use report_image to log sample images to ClearML, but output on client is empty:

    image_open = Image.open(os.path.join("prediction", "95c.jpg"))
    logger.report_image("image", "image PIL", image=image_open)

    # force flush reports
    # If flush is not called, reports are flushed in the background every couple of seconds,
    # and at the end of the process execution


Posted one year ago
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Answers 9

Interesting, if this is the issue, a simple sleep after reporting should prove it. Wdyt?
BTW are you using the latest package? What's your OS?

Posted one year ago

Yes, artifacts (including both zip and folder) could be uploaded.

This issue is similar to the one on stackoverflow ( None ) and github ( None )

Posted one year ago

Is there still an issue? Could it be the browser cannot access the file server directly?

Posted one year ago

Hi @<1560798754280312832:profile|AntsyPenguin90>
The image itself is uploaded in a blackground process, flush just triggers the starting of the process.
Could it be that it is showing a few seconds after?

Posted one year ago

Hmm, might be, check if your files server is running and configured properly

Posted one year ago

We can confirm that the image is uploaded to file server successfully:

/data/clearml/data/fileserver/examples/register image.b8bd8c27aaa6416a9b870cdc3878a4f3/metrics/image/image PIL ll
total 12K
-rw-r--r-- 1 london london 12K Apr 25 10:16 'image_image PIL_00000000.jpeg'

For some reasons, the front-end could not grab/display the image

Posted one year ago

Hmm there’s something wrong with the setup. I tried with the demo version of ClearML then it works:

Posted one year ago

May you elaborate little bit more on this? Right now I'm using the default file server provided by ClearML, ie ipaddress:8081

Posted one year ago

Are any files uploaded? Like artifacts etc?

Posted one year ago
9 Answers
one year ago
one year ago