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Hi! Pipelinecontroller Has Method:

Hi! PipelineController has method:

  • add_pipeline_tags ( bool ) – (default: False) if True, add pipe: <pipeline_task_id> tag to all steps (Tasks) created by this pipeline.
    Can we create a custom tag, that pipeline will have and this tag will be passed to the children?
Posted 12 months ago
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Hi @<1523701240951738368:profile|RoundMosquito25> ! Yes, you should be able to do that

Posted 11 months ago

How to do that?

Posted 11 months ago

@<1523701240951738368:profile|RoundMosquito25> sorry, actually add_pipeline_tags will add the tag pipe: ID to all steps, not a predefined tag. You will need to set the tags argument to your desired tags for each step individually

Posted 11 months ago
3 Answers
12 months ago
11 months ago