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Good Day All. I'M Working With The Pipelinecontroller For Creating Pipelines From Tasks. One Thing I'Ve Noticed Is That If I Do Pipe.Start_Locally() It Does Run The Pipeline But It Still Seems To Enqueue The Tasks And Runs Them On The Remote Agents. Am I

Good day all. I'm working with the PipelineController for creating pipelines from tasks. One thing I've noticed is that if I do pipe.start_locally() it does run the pipeline but it still seems to enqueue the tasks and runs them on the remote agents. Am I mistaken in assuming that not just the controller, but the tasks themselves would be run locally?

Posted 4 months ago
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Hi @<1545216070686609408:profile|EnthusiasticCow4> , start_locally() has the run_pipeline_steps_locally parameter for exactly this 🙂


Posted 4 months ago

Ah, perfect.

Posted 4 months ago