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Hi All, Im Executing A Task Remotely Via A Queue. I Don'T Want It To Cache The Env Or Install Anything Before The Run, Just To Run The Task On The Agent Machine (I Set Up The Agent'S Env Previously, The Env Cache Causes Versions Problems In My Case). I Tr

Hi all, im executing a task remotely via a queue. I don't want it to cache the env or install anything before the run, just to run the task on the agent machine (I set up the agent's env previously, the env cache causes versions problems in my case). I tried using the env variables CLEARML_AGENT_SKIP_PYTHON_ENV_INSTALL=True, CLEARML_AGENT_SKIP_PIP_VENV_INSTALL=True, deleted the .clearml dir but non of these help and it still starts with installations. Moreover, I tried and used Task.force_requirements_env_freeze with a very small list of packages but it is still installing all the packages. How do I cancel this behavior? Thanks :)

Posted 11 months ago
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Can you try setting the env variables to 1 instead of True ? In general, those should indeed be the correct variables to set. For me it works when I start the agent with the following command:

Posted 11 months ago