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Hello, I Have A Question About Clearml-Agent With Docker I Want To Use Image Files Saved In Local Machine Which Clearml-Agent Will Be Operated. I Added "Mount" Command In Clearml.Conf Like This

Hello, I have a question about clearml-agent with docker
I want to use image files saved in local machine which clearml-agent will be operated.
I added "mount" command in clearml.conf like this

extra_docker_arguments: ["--mount type=bind,source=/mnt/myimages/mnist,target=/mnt/myimages/mnist", ]

then I got this error message when I tried to run script using clearml-task

unknown flag: --mount type

what should I do if I want to connect to the clearml-agent docker and the local drive?

Posted 11 months ago
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Don't mind. I solved. The problem was "wrong docker command".
I should do like this

["--mount", "type=bind,source=/mnt/myimages/mnist,target=/mnt/myimages/mnist", ]
Posted 11 months ago