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Hi All, Is It Possible To Move Project From One Workspace To Another? There Are 2 Users Working On The Same Workspace And User2 Is An Admin Of This Workspace. But Now User1 Want To Continue To Work On This Project Alone, And User2 Should Pass Whole Worksp

Hi all, Is it possible to move project from one workspace to another? There are 2 users working on the same workspace and user2 is an admin of this workspace. But now user1 want to continue to work on this project alone, and user2 should pass whole workspace to user1. Is there any way to do so in hosted version?

Posted 11 months ago
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Hi @<1566596983865479168:profile|ZanyCrocodile93> , I'm afraid you cannot move experiments between workspaces in the free/PRO versions

Posted 11 months ago