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Hi Everyone! I Faced The Problem With Clearml-Serving. I'Ve Deployed Onnx Model From Higgingface In Clearml-Serving, But

Hi everyone!

I faced the problem with ClearML-serving. I've deployed onnx model from higgingface in clearml-serving, but "Error processing request: Error: Failed loading pre process code for '<>': No module named 'transformers'" appears when trying to send a request like in example.

Preprocessing file just like in example.

The transformers package has been installed with CLEARML_EXTRA_PYTHON_PACKAGES variable in serving service deployment file.

Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Posted one year ago
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Hi! You should add extra packages in your docker-compse through your env file, they'll get installed when building the serving container. In this case you're missing the transformers package.

You'll also get the same explanation here .

Posted one year ago

We use variables from .env file inside the clearm-serving-triton image, because we use helm chart to clearml-serving spinning. And still face the error

Posted one year ago

Hey! Sorry, didn't fully read your question and missed that you already did it. It should not be done inside the clearm-serving-triton service but instead inside the clearml-serving-inference service. This is where the preprocessing script is ran and it seems to be where the error is coming from.

Posted one year ago

@<1523701118159294464:profile|ExasperatedCrab78> Thank you! It have solved the problem!

Posted one year ago
4 Answers
one year ago
one year ago