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Hi Team, My Company Asked Me To Research About Clearml. So I Tried To Use Clearml Its Good.. But Some Isssue I Faced Here. I Want Create Clearml & Clearml Agent In Single Terraform Script. Script I Can Add In Userdata, Issue I Faced I Cant Create Clearml_

hi team, my company asked me to research about clearml. so i tried to use clearml its good.. but some isssue i faced here. i want create clearml & clearml agent in single terraform script. script i can add in userdata, issue i faced i cant create clearml_basic_token, this token also expecting access key & secret key. good things is jake gave me the token script but this token script needed accesss, secret key now.. i need help to do this activity.

CLEARML_API_TOKEN=$(curl -s -u "$CLEARML_ACCESS_KEY:$CLEARML_SECRET_KEY" $CLEARML_SERVER/auth.login | jq -r '.data.token')
Posted 9 months ago
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