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Can Anyone Help Me To Explain The Differences Between

Can anyone help me to explain the differences between path_substitution and direct_access . As I understand:

  • direct_access : register data will not be pushed to ClearML server.Dataset.create then upload => Server only save the local path of the file.
    Dataset.get => server will return the local path url
  • path_substitution : is it like symlink from local link to fake clearml_server link. I still don't get the idea how the server and local user interact hereIs my understanding correct? Can anyone help me to clarify this?
Posted 13 days ago
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Hi @<1570583237065969664:profile|AdorableCrocodile14> , I think this is a good answer: None

Posted 13 days ago

@<1523701087100473344:profile|SuccessfulKoala55> Is there any way .get_local_copy return direct link of those local files items. Data is duplicated. Those data existed in local storage, but they are still needed to save in cached folder

Posted 3 days ago

can you give me an example of use of direct_access setup 🙇

I have large dataset, would like to register the dataset in ClearML without uploading real dataset. When running a task, I can get the dataset without creating a cache folder

Posted 3 days ago