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Hello, Got A Simple Pipeline With 2 Tasks, First Task Is The Parent Of The Second One. Until Recently Everything Worked Fine. We Updated Agent Versions And Now A Strange Behavior Happens: The Second Task Is Always Skipped. The Code Base Hasn'T Changed. I'

Got a simple pipeline with 2 tasks, first task is the parent of the second one.
Until recently everything worked fine. We updated agent versions and now a strange behavior happens: the second task is always skipped. The code base hasn't changed.
I'm wondering what can cause a task to be skipped. I don't find clues in the pipeline logs.
Any help would be really appreciated 🙂

Posted one year ago
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Answers 2

Hi @<1523708602928336896:profile|HungryArcticwolf62> , can you share an isolated code snippet that reproduces this? What version of the agent are you using now?
Also, what do you mean by skipped? What happens to the pipeline?

Posted one year ago

clearml-agent version:
this is what I meant by skip:
The pipeline starts, in the UI I see the 2 tasks (grey background), with the correct scheduling (task number 2 depends on task number 1). As soon as, or just before, task number 1 starts, task number 2 state changes to "skipped".

Posted one year ago