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Hi All, I Am Really Stuck In Getting A Clearml Pipeline To Work. I Am Using The Open Source Version I Am Trying To Reproduce The Example On The Documentation, Using Pipelines In Task Mode. Here Is My Set Up

Hi All, I am really stuck in getting a clearml pipeline to work. I am using the open source version
I am trying to reproduce the example on the documentation, using pipelines in task mode.

Here is my set up

  • I have a cuda11 queue connected to an agent on machine
  • I have a machine-services agent running on the same host, serving the services queue
  • I tried to launch the script in two ways- Services agent in docker mode. The pipeline controller does something within the docker image and nothing after. It doesn't fail, or abort. It just keeps running, doing nothing after installing pyenv+pip
  • Service agent in non docker mode: The pipeline controller instantly fails saying User aborted: stopping task (3)
    Can I get some help please? This really determines whether we use clearml moving forward
Posted one year ago
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No, it was fixed by restarting clearml then and some services. But currently, we gave up and we use debug=True so we dont use the services queue

Posted 11 months ago

Reviving this: do you recall what fixed this, or has anyone else run into this issue? I'm constantly getting this in my pipelines. If I run the exact same pipeline code / configuration multiple times, it will eventually run without a User aborted: stopping task (3) , but it's unclear what is happening the times when it fails.

Posted 11 months ago

I'm using clearml 1.9.3 client side

Posted one year ago

is the agent execution dependent on some CMD in my docker file?

Posted one year ago


Posted one year ago
5 Answers
one year ago
10 months ago
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