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Hi ! I Have Some Hyper Parameters Of My Clearml Task Which I Connected To Task With- Parameters = Task.Connect(Model_Train_Dict, Name='Train_Params'). I Ran The Task Manually From Vscode. Than, From Clearml Dashboard I Cloned It , Changed One Of The Para

Hi !
I have some hyper parameters of my clearml task which i connected to task with-
parameters = task.connect(model_train_dict, name='train_params').
I ran the task manually from vsCode. Than, from ClearML dashboard I cloned it , changed one of the parameters, and ran it with an agent (enqueue etc.) .
However, I don't see that the change done through dashboard is affecting the cloned task. It runs with the same parameter value as parent task.
Any idea why? Tnx

Posted 12 months ago
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looking now i think it's probably since on my code I first read parameters from config file-
config = HpsYaml(paras.config)
and after that, I set these parameters to dictionary, which I connect to the task-
hparams_dict = {'batch_size': config.hparas.batch_size,
'valid_step': config.hparas.valid_step,
'max_step': config.hparas.max_step}
parameters = task.connect(hparams_dict, name='hyper_params')
So maybe the parameters from the config file override the parameters setting from the GUI?
How is this suppose to be done in order for the GUI changed to apply?

Posted 12 months ago

Hi @<1571308003204796416:profile|HollowPeacock58> ! The changes should be reflected. Do you have a small example that could help us reproduce the issue?

Posted 12 months ago