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Hi Everyone! I Have A Question Regarding The Use Of S3 For Storage. At Our Company, We Only Use Temporary S3 Credentials (Key+Secret+Token) For Security Reasons. That Should Be No Problem On The User Side, As We Can Use The Credential Chain. However, For

Hi everyone! I have a question regarding the use of s3 for storage. At our company, we only use temporary s3 credentials (key+secret+token) for security reasons. That should be no problem on the user side, as we can use the credential chain. However, for the web UI you can only enter permanent credentials (key+secret). Do you have any suggestions for that? Or do you plan to add support for temporary s3 credentials in the web UI?

Posted 10 months ago
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I don't think there is such an option currently but it does make sense. Please open a GitHub feature request for this 🙂

Posted 10 months ago


Posted 10 months ago

Thanks! Will do

Posted 10 months ago
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10 months ago
10 months ago