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I'M Deploying Clearml With All Its Components Into An Eks Cluster, I'M Configuring The Values.Yaml And Adding The Right Values. I Have A Two Questions: Can Someone Share Their Settings Just To Be Sure Not Missing Any (Not Share Your Secrets Of Course) And

I'm deploying clearml with all its components into an EKS cluster, I'm configuring the values.yaml and adding the right values. I have a two questions:
Can someone share their settings just to be sure not missing any (not share your secrets of course) and the second is that how people deal with Secrets in the helm chart? I know this can be set via --set option but if you want them to be replaced as environment variables what are poeple doing , or may be they are not doing it this way. Trying to avoid the secrets to be checkin into the code base and keep them separate.
Thank you!

Posted 10 months ago
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Thank you Valeriano, I already have a cluster up and running, but using the default values from the charts + others for some configuration like domain and the annotations for the ingress alb controller.
Just wanted to know if the values from the charts are the ones that should be used or I need to create new ones or how to create them etc.
I di not have ArgoCD I did everything using terraform for infrastructure plain helm for deploying the chart that wha I wondering hot you manage any secrets to avoid committing them into the code repository.

Another integration that I still need to configure is SSO integration with OKTA. if you know about any documentation or any siggestion about configuring this I will appreciated, thank you

Posted 10 months ago

To make use of OKTA do I need a different image with the OKTA support provided by clearML ?

Posted 10 months ago

Hi @<1580005316538404864:profile|StickyOwl15> , SSO support is only part of the ClearML Scale/Enterprise versions

Posted 10 months ago

Hi @<1580005316538404864:profile|StickyOwl15> , using EKS should be straightforward even with standard values; you will eventually have to play a little bit with ingress annotations since AWS has a lot of them. The very important part is preparing your cluster before installing ClearML; usually you need to install elb controller, secret manager, dns controller and so on. When done you can install clearml with helm chart; about secrets management, it depends a lot on how you plan to manage cluster itself. If you are going to use some GitOps tool like Flux or ArgoCD you can create your secrets and then reference them (charts has values for existingsecrets.

Posted 10 months ago
4 Answers
10 months ago
10 months ago