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Hi, I Am Building A Data Catalogue In Part With Clearml, Are There Any Tips For Me To Combine My Own Login Credentials With Clearml Credentials? I Want To Be Able To Upload Data To Clearml Without Constantly Editing My Clearml.Conf.

We are building a data catalog using CKAN, and we intend to index ClearML dataset via the ClearML SDK. Currently, we hardcoded the clearml.conf file into CKAN, but this means that all "get" and "create" datasets would be uploaded using a single ClearML credential that is independent of the user who is logged on. I would like to use the ClearML credentials based on the user who is currently logged in. Is there a way to query ClearML without using a pre-defined config file, but instead use the credentials of whoever is currently logged in?

Posted 10 months ago
0 Answers
10 months ago
10 months ago