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Hello All. I'M Trying To Figure Out How To Get The Task From Pipelines Listed Under The Experiments Tab Or At Least In A Place That'S Easier To Find. I'M Running A Pipeline Based On Tasks And If I Look At The

Hello all.

I'm trying to figure out how to get the task from pipelines listed under the experiments tab or at least in a place that's easier to find. I'm running a pipeline based on tasks and if I look at the info section of the task I get the following:

[LTV] Lifetime Value Model 

When I created a pipeline based on those tasks the tasks don't appear in the PROJECT / [LTV] Lifetime Value Model experiment view for some reasons. They do appear in the PROJECT / All Experiments section and when I look at their info I get the following:

[LTV] Lifetime Value Model/.pipelines/Pipeline Test

The code I'm using to create the pipeline object:

    pipe = PipelineController(
        name="Pipeline Test",

The code I use to find the experiment and add it as a step:

                "Hydra/countries": country,
Posted 9 months ago
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Hi @<1545216070686609408:profile|EnthusiasticCow4> , go into settings -> configuration, there is an option to show hidden projects. This way you should be able to view pipelines in the experiments view

Posted 9 months ago