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Aws Autoscaler Question: What Is Best Practices For Providing The Autoscaled Instances With Access To Credentials For Things Like S3? With Self-Hosted Agents I Can Add The Credentials To The Clearml Config As Part Of The Environment Variables.

AWS Autoscaler question: what is best practices for providing the autoscaled instances with access to credentials for things like S3? With self-hosted agents I can add the credentials to the clearml config as part of the environment variables.

Posted 10 months ago
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Answers 7

I'd like to provide the credentials to any ec2 instances that are spun up.

Posted 10 months ago

Are you using the PRO or a self hosted server?

Posted 10 months ago

Are you referring to the ec2 instance or the AWS autoscaler itself that is running?

Posted 10 months ago

You can provide it in the extra configurations sections

Posted 10 months ago

@<1523701070390366208:profile|CostlyOstrich36> Just pinging you 😄

Posted 9 months ago

I figured as much. This is basically what I was planning to do otherwise. I have questions around that.

  • It appears that the 'extra' config is displayed in plain text on the web app and downloadable in json. I was just curious if this is best practices.
  • I noticed in the AWS instance that's spun up when starting the autoscaler there's 3 settings in the config: use_credentials_chain: false, use_iam_instance_profile: false, use_owner_token: False are these strictly for the credentials to spin up the ec2 instances?
Posted 10 months ago

I'm using pro. Sorry, for the delay, I didn't notice I never sent the response.

Posted 9 months ago
7 Answers
10 months ago
9 months ago