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Hello, We Had To Move Our Logging Server To A New Ip Address, While All The Runs Are Properly Showing Up, Artefacts And And Debug Samples Seem To Still Reference The Old Ip, Is There A Way To Change The Ip For Everything?

We had to move our logging server to a new ip address, while all the runs are properly showing up, artefacts and and debug samples seem to still reference the old IP, is there a way to change the ip for everything?

Posted 9 months ago
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Answers 4

All artifact links are saved in mongodb, all debug samples are saved in ElasticSearch. I think you would need to read up on how to change values inside those dbs. I would assume server would need to be down when such a script would be running

Posted 9 months ago

Hi @<1582904448076746752:profile|TightGorilla98> , you would need to edit these addresses in mongodb/elastic for the new address. A migration script would do the job

Posted 9 months ago

Hi @<1523701070390366208:profile|CostlyOstrich36> Thanks for the response, do you have some pointers how i could do this?

Posted 9 months ago

Thanks a lot

Posted 9 months ago
4 Answers
9 months ago
9 months ago