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Hi Everyone! I Have A General Wondering - I'M Trying To Use Rest Api For Searching Tasks By Tasks Parameters (Hyperparameters In Task Configuration). I Didn'T See Which Query-Params To Send For Getting The Matching Task(S). Does Someone Knows The Answer?

Hi everyone!
I have a general wondering -
I'm trying to use REST API for searching tasks by tasks parameters (hyperparameters in task configuration).
I didn't see which query-params to send for getting the matching task(s). Does someone knows the answer?

Posted 10 months ago
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Hi @<1539417873305309184:profile|DangerousMole43> , I would suggest opening developer tools (F12) and then doing the specific search you're interested in through the UI. Then you can simply send the same via the REST API

Posted 10 months ago
1 Answer
10 months ago
10 months ago