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Hello ! I Am Using The Pipelinecontroller To Orchestrate A Set Of Job. The Clearm-Agent (Workers) Are Hosted On Spot Instance (Gcp) And The Pipellinecontroller Does Not Mark The Task As Failure Whenever A Worker Gets Preempted. Is There A Way To Mark The

Hello !
I am using the PipelineController to orchestrate a set of job. The clearm-agent (workers) are hosted on spot instance (gcp) and the PipellineController does not mark the task as failure whenever a worker gets preempted. Is there a way to mark the task as failure if the worker gets killed ? thx

Posted 12 months ago
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Is the pipelinecontroller also working on preemptible instances?

Posted 12 months ago

No just just the clearml-agent

Posted 11 months ago
2 Answers
12 months ago
11 months ago