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Is It Possible To Get The List Of Running Agents In My Machine? I’M Starting Multiple Agents Using

Is it possible to get the list of running agents in my machine? I’m starting multiple agents using python -m clearml_agent daemon --queue XX --detach , but if I run python -m cleamrl_agent daemon --status it doesn’t show up anything, and python -m clearml_agent list shows all the connected agents, including the ones running in other machines

Posted 7 months ago
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Answers 3

  --status              Print the worker's schedule (uptime properties, server's runtime properties and listening queues)
Posted 7 months ago

@<1570220858075516928:profile|SlipperySheep79> , you can use top or htop to see running processes on your machine...

Posted 7 months ago

Hi @<1523701070390366208:profile|CostlyOstrich36> , thanks but in this case I’d like to get also the ids of the running workers, so that I can selectively stop some of them. Is it possible somehow?

Posted 7 months ago