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I Deployed A Self-Hosted Clearml Server With Docker Compose. Then I Created A Project, Added Clearml To My Python Project, And Executed The Task. Then I Wanted To Deploy The Model (Yolov8) For Inference With Clearml Serving. I Followed This Guide:

I deployed a self-hosted ClearML server with Docker Compose.

Then I created a project, added ClearML to my Python project, and executed the Task.

Then I wanted to deploy the model (YOLOv8) for inference with ClearML Serving. I followed this guide: None

I ran into a port conflict between ClearML Serving (8080) and the ClearML web server (also 8080). Is ClearML Serving not intended to be installed on the same server where the "core" ClearML components reside? Thanks

Posted 9 months ago
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Hi @<1593413673383104512:profile|MiniatureDragonfly17> , no. The assumption is that serving runs on a dedicated machine. Of course you can edit the docker compose to use different ports

Posted 9 months ago