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Hi, What Could Be Possible Reason For Changing Hyperparameter From Ui Not Working? The Same Hyperparameter Changed In The Ui In The Cloned Experiment Gives Different Result Than When It Is Changed In The Config File And Run As New Experiment. The Two Expe

Hi, what could be possible reason for changing hyperparameter from UI not working? The same hyperparameter changed in the UI in the cloned experiment gives different result than when it is changed in the config file and run as new experiment. The two experiments have same code and the rest of hyperparameters and all the seeds are set.

Posted one month ago
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Answers 2

Hi, I am just having YAML file where I keep all the configurations and hyperparams and then for every training the first thing I do is I call a function which initializes the ClearML task and connects the config and returns it so that the rest of the code can use it.

def initialize_task(task_type=Task.TaskTypes.training):
    config = yaml.safe_load(open(r"params.yaml"))
    task = Task.init(project_name='X', task_name=config['TASK_NAME'], 
                    task_type=task_type, tags=config['TAGS'],
    if not config['LOCAL']:
    logger = task.get_logger()
    return config, logger
Posted one month ago

Hi @<1566596960691949568:profile|UpsetWalrus59> , can you share the part of your code setting these hyperparams?

Posted one month ago
2 Answers
one month ago
one month ago
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