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Hi 🙂 I have opened the following issue on github None , but I think posting here would have been more appropriate so I will duplicate my issue here :

We were wondering if it is possible to set the default fileserver location on the side of the tracking server.
We have found this ticket #153 which explains how to do this client-side, but that would force all users and all Agents interacting with the Datasets to have credentials for the NAS. We would prefer to have the default fileserver location of the tracking server to be the NAS (for example mounted locally to the server). That may, we are assuming that the tracking server would the one handling the NAS communication and only it needs credentials.
Is this possible ?

Thanks in advance !

Posted 9 months ago
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Answers 4

if you are using a self hosted clearml server spin up with docker-compose, then you can just mount your NAS to /opt/clearml/fileserver on the host machine, prior to starting clearml server with docker-compose up

Posted 9 months ago

Sounds great, I'll try that 🙂

Posted 9 months ago

I tried mounting azure storage account on that path and it worked: all files end up in the cloud storage

Posted 9 months ago

Worked like a charm 👌

Posted 9 months ago
4 Answers
9 months ago
9 months ago
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