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Hey Clearml Experts Is There A Way To Copy Entire Exp. Including Results/Scalars/Plots? Right Click > Clone Creates A Duplicate Of The Exp. , Only With It'S Configuration, Without It'S Results

Hey ClearML experts
is there a way to copy entire exp. including results/scalars/plots?
right click > clone creates a duplicate of the exp. , only with it's configuration, without it's results

Posted 9 months ago
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Hi @<1523701842515595264:profile|PleasantOwl46> , I'm afraid that such a capability doesn't really exist in ClearML. You could technically populate an experiment using the API.

I'm however curious - what is your use case for this?

Posted 9 months ago

Sounds about right. You can also create reports from the best experiments and then reference the models via the report as well

Posted 9 months ago

to be honest, the use case is mostly convenience
when people train ~5000+ experiments, all saved in few sub folders with long string as experiment name

before publishing a paper for example, we want to move copy small numbers of successful training to separate location and share it with other colleagues/management

I'd guess the alternative can be
changing the name of the successful training under the existing sub folder
using move instead of clone
anything else?

Posted 9 months ago
3 Answers
9 months ago
9 months ago