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Hi, Does Anyone Know If

Hi, does anyone know if dynamic environment variables work on the clearml client side as well?
For example setting CLEARML__SDK__AWS__S3__USE_CREDENTIALS_CHAIN=true instead of writing this into the ~/clearml.conf file?

Posted 11 months ago
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Answers 5

just for clarity this is the contents of my ~/clearml.conf file, I'd like to replace this with env vars for programatically setting the config rather than editing this file

sdk {
    aws {
        s3 {
            use_credentials_chain: true
Posted 11 months ago

There is an options for a configurations vault in the Scale/Enteprises licenses - basically applying global settings without having to edit clearml.conf

Posted 11 months ago

This is supported by the agent, however not by the SDK itself

Posted 11 months ago

We are using the self-hosted server ๐Ÿ™‚

Posted 11 months ago

Ah okay, thank you!

Would be cool if it worked on the SDK as well, in my case itโ€™s much easier to manage env vars than the config file

Posted 11 months ago
5 Answers
11 months ago
11 months ago
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