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Quick Question: Does Overriding A Task With Task.Init() Do A Proper Delete Of Debug Samples At An Fileserver Or S3 Host?

Yes, from the documentation:

Creates a new Task (experiment) if:

    The Task never ran before. No Task with the same task_name and project_name is stored in ClearML Server.

    The Task has run before (the same task_name and project_name), and (a) it stored models and / or artifacts, or (b) its status is Published , or (c) it is Archived.

    A new Task is forced by calling Task.init with reuse_last_task_id=False.

Otherwise, the already initialized Task object for the same task_name and project_name is returned, or, when being executed remotely on a clearml-agent, the task returned is the existing task from the backend.

So if I start my script twice, the scalars/debug samples etc. are overriden. But what happens to the previous ones?

Posted 8 months ago
0 Answers
8 months ago
8 months ago