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Hello 👋 I am using a self hosted clearml setup using the requirments file of the project. When I run the task it is failing and I get:

Collecting torch==2.0.1.*
 (2267.3 MB)
Process failed, exit code 1

Is there any way to get more information on what is happening?

Posted one month ago
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Hi @<1523707996645888000:profile|GrievingTurkey78> , did you configure the agent to install requirements from requirements.txt ? You can get more information using the --debug flag when running clearml-agent

Posted one month ago

Managed to get:

clearml_agent: ERROR: Command '['/home/ramon/.clearml/venvs-builds/3.9/bin/python', '-m', 'pip', '--disable-pip-version-check', 'install', '-r', '/var/tmp/requirements_tb0x2i3j.txt', '--extra-index-url', '
 died with <Signals.SIGKILL: 9>.

while building the task with the id on the agent

Posted one month ago

Yes, I configured it that way 👌 Thanks! I'll use the flag!

Posted one month ago

Sure! For torch I have:

    # via
    #   monai
    #   pytorch-lightning
    #   torchio
    #   torchmetrics
Posted one month ago

It is failing exactly when the download finishes. Not sure if it is something but on the ~/.clearml/pip-download-cache only a cu120 empty folder appears. Should the torch wheel be saved there?

Posted one month ago

What additional context do you need?

Posted one month ago

Can you share the torch sections of your requirements.txt ?

Posted one month ago

@<1523701070390366208:profile|CostlyOstrich36> Thanks for the help! It ended being a mistake on my side. Misconfigured the VM's memory and it had only 3.75 G. Failed when installing torch.

Posted one month ago
8 Answers
one month ago
one month ago