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Hello Everyone, I'M Currently Working On

Hello everyone, I'm currently working on comparing plots from experiments within the ClearML web UI. Each of these plots displays a series of true values and a forecast. When comparing experiments, I've noticed that these two regressions are presented in separate plots : one for the true values and another for the forecasts from each run. Is there a way to merge these into a single plot for easier comparison?

Additionally, if anyone is aware of some documentation on visualisations in ClearML, I'd greatly appreciate your insights.

Posted 7 months ago
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Hi @<1610445887681597440:profile|WittyBadger59> , how are you reporting the plots?

I would suggest taking a look here and running all the different examples to see the reporting capabilities:

Posted 7 months ago

For now I am using just the automatic reporting that ClearML provides.

The individual plots and artifacts, in general, can be visualised perfectly. Nevertheless, at the time of comparing experiments, the customisation of the dashboard seems slightly limited.

Posted 7 months ago
2 Answers
7 months ago
7 months ago