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Hi, There! After Running A Task In Clearml, How Can I Use The Api To Get The Best Performing Output Model For That Task? I Came Across This

Hi, there! After running a Task in ClearML, how can I use the API to get the best performing output model for that task?

I came across this Stack Overflow post , where the answer gets the best performing Task by using get_last_scalar_metrics() and then it gets the first model in that Task's model list.

However, in my case, I know the ID of the specific Task that I want to work with. But I want to get the local copy of the output model which had the lowest validation accuracy (for example). Anyone have any idea how to do that, please? Cheers!

Posted 8 months ago
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Hi @<1614069770586427392:profile|FlutteringFrog26>
So since you have the Task id. you do:

task = Task.get_task("task id here")

Then to get the models

models = task.models["output]

the models is a list And a dict, if you want the lats one you do last_model = models[-1] if you know the best model name you do model = models["best model"] (notice the model name is the exact one you see in the UI. Once you have the model object you can get a copy with model.get_local_copy()

Posted 8 months ago

well that depends on you, what did you write there to know it is the best one ? file name ? added some metric ?

Posted 8 months ago

Ah, got you 👍 I'll check that again - I think it's training accuracy

Posted 8 months ago


Posted 8 months ago

Thanks, @<1523701205467926528:profile|AgitatedDove14> ! And how do I identify which one is the best model in the ClearML web app?

Posted 8 months ago
5 Answers
8 months ago
8 months ago
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