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Hi! I'M Following The Guide To Run A Pipeline Locally. I Cannot Find The

Hi! I'm following the guide to run a pipeline locally. I cannot find the task related to the pipeline in projects page.

  • It seems the task exists, because I can click into it through "pipeline" -> "step" -> "Full details" , then I can see the title "workspae / PROJECTS / data processing 20231019 / ingest"
    the pipeline code:
from clearml import PipelineDecorator

@PipelineDecorator.component(cache=True, execution_queue="default")
def step(size: int):
    import numpy as np
    return np.random.random(size=size)

    project='data processing 20231019',
def pipeline_logic(do_stuff: bool):
    if do_stuff:
        return step(size=42)

if __name__ == '__main__':
    # run the pipeline on the current machine, for local debugging
    # for scale-out, comment-out the following line (Make sure a
    # 'services' queue is available and serviced by a ClearML agent
    # running either in services mode or through K8S/Autoscaler)



Posted 4 months ago
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Answers 5

@<1626028586563538944:profile|SmoggyHawk49> pipeline tasks are hidden by default, and you can see the pipeline from the pipelines panel - inside it, you have an option for more details which would lead you to the task

Posted 4 months ago

however I can see it from "projects/All Experiments", does that mean the hidden logic only apply to projects with names, but not apply to "All Experiments" ?

Posted 4 months ago

hi @<1523701087100473344:profile|SuccessfulKoala55> thanks, that explains why I cannot see the task from "projects/data processing 20231019"

Posted 4 months ago

however if I click "projects" -> "data processing 20231019", it's empty.
I expect the "ingest" task be there instead.

Posted 4 months ago

It can usually be controlled in your profile settings page in the UI

Posted 4 months ago